What your kids will learn in these online yoga classes

  • Breathing & Relaxation Techniques: your kids will learn fun and easy breathing exercises that help them relax, stay focused, and be present in the moment. These techniques empower your children to manage their emotions, reduce stress, and find inner peace. By practicing these skills, your children develop valuable tools to improve their well-being and stay calm in various situations.

  • Warm-up Exercises: let's get moving! Your children will engage in a fun warm-up to prepare their bodies for the yoga session.

  • Yoga Poses: your kids will learn different yoga poses that help them become stronger, more flexible, and move better. These poses improve their physical health and help them understand how their bodies work.

  • Guided Meditation: your kids will participate in short meditation sessions that promote relaxation and positive thinking. They will be guided through these practices, using breathing techniques and affirmations to help them calm their minds and foster a positive mindset.

  • Eye Exercises for Kids: eye exercises are specifically designed for children to enhance eye health, coordination, and concentration.

  • Yoga Quiz or Game: at the end of each session, there will be an exciting quiz or game related to yoga. This will allow your children to revisit what they have learned and make it a fun and interactive experience.

  • Fun and Engaging Yoga Practice: the program focuses on making yoga enjoyable and exciting for your kids, while also helping them develop healthy habits from an early age. Through a variety of fun and informative activities, your children will experience yoga in a way that sparks their interest and keeps them engaged. They will not only have a great time but also learn the importance of taking care of their bodies and minds through regular yoga practice. This program sets the foundation for lifelong wellness and a positive relationship with physical activity.

As a parent, here is what you can expect by enrolling your child in this online yoga program for kids

Witness positive changes in your child's behavior and overall quality of life.
Our program is designed to create a positive impact on your family's life, promoting a harmonious and thriving environment!

  • Managing Screen Time

    Our yoga classes offer a healthy alternative to excessive screen time. By engaging in physical activity and mindfulness practices, children learn to find balance and reduce their dependence on screens, providing parents with a valuable tool to address this common struggle. Your child will engage in a healthy and beneficial activity that promotes physical and mental well-being.

  • Establishing Healthy Habits Early

    Through regular yoga practice, your child will not only cultivate a positive habit of taking care of their body and mind but also foster healthy habits and enhance their physical well-being. With each yoga session, children will gradually build strength, flexibility, and mobility, contributing to their overall physical health. By embracing this program, your child will embark on a transformative journey towards lifelong wellness, building a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Enhancing Focus and Concentration

    Our yoga classes incorporate elements that improve focus and concentration. Through mindful movement and breath awareness, children develop the ability to sustain attention and concentrate on tasks both in and outside of school. Parents can witness improvements in their child's ability to focus, resulting in enhanced academic performance and reduced frustration.

  • Calming Agitation and Restlessness

    Through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness practices, our yoga classes provide children with the tools to manage their emotions, reduce agitation, and find inner calm. As a result, parents can experience a more harmonious and peaceful environment at home.

  • Promoting Emotional Well-being

    This yoga program nurtures your child's emotional well-being by teaching them valuable breathing exercises and mindfulness practices. They will gain practical strategies to manage their emotions, leading to reduced outbursts and a more harmonious family environment. By cultivating emotional resilience, your child can navigate challenges with greater ease, fostering positive relationships and overall family harmony.

  • Managing Hyperactivity

    Our yoga classes offer a holistic approach to managing hyperactivity. Through a combination of physical movement, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices, children learn to channel their energy in a balanced and controlled manner. This helps reduce restlessness and promotes a sense of calm, providing parents with strategies to address hyperactivity.

  • Improving Sleep Quality

    Our yoga program incorporates relaxation techniques and mindfulness practices that can greatly improve your child's sleep quality. By teaching them how to unwind, quiet their minds, and create a sense of calm before bedtime, we help establish a bedtime routine that supports better sleep. Parents can expect their children to experience more restful nights and wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Cultivating Self-Discipline and Mindful Routine

    This program will help children build a routine and cultivate self-discipline. By establishing a structured schedule, they learn important life skills that promote self-discipline and can be applied in various aspects of their lives. This program encourages a positive attitude towards exercise and nurtures an active lifestyle.

  • Independence and Quality Time

    While children can follow the program independently, parents are also encouraged to join their children in the yoga sessions, creating an opportunity for quality bonding and shared experiences.

  • Self-Paced Program

    The program allows children to progress at their own pace, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident in their practice, while also fostering a sense of independence and self-motivation.

The structure of yoga for kids online

The program is structured to improve the child's health, both physically and emotionally, week after week. Each class/video follows a typical structure that combines various elements of breathing, yoga poses, and relaxation techniques.

The program begins by building a strong foundation and gradually progresses to cater to different needs such as strength, flexibility, focus, and concentration.

The weekly classes/videos are designed to keep children engaged and provide them with new challenges. For example, on Monday, they might ease into the practice with breathing exercises and gentle movements. On Wednesday, they will learn and practice five basic yoga poses, building their familiarity and confidence. Then, on Friday, they will focus on deepening their breath, exploring animal-inspired movements, and cultivating happiness.

As the weeks' progress, the program covers different aspects of yoga practice, such as building strength, self-confidence, lower body and core strength (introducing Sun Salutation), energizing the body, and cultivating a sense of overall well-being.

This structured approach ensures that children experience a balanced and comprehensive yoga practice, improving their physical health, emotional well-being, and mental clarity.

By participating in this program, children have the opportunity to explore different levels of yoga practice, challenging themselves while also enjoying the benefits of yoga. Each class/video offers a unique combination of elements to keep them engaged, motivated, and excited about their yoga journey.

Fun and engaging online yoga classes

    1. Week 1 -Intro- Let us set the right foundation- What is Yoga?

    2. Monday-Ease into it Breathe & Move

    3. Wednesday- Lets learn 5 Basic Yoga Poses

    4. Quiz Time

    5. Friday- Breathe Deeper, Animal Moves & Choose Happiness

    6. Week 2 -Strength- Mobility & Meditation

    7. Monday- Mobility, Meditation & Visualization

    8. Quiz Time

    9. Wednesday- Relaxing Yoga- Feel Good & Calmer

    10. Friday- Stretch-Strengthen -Stillness

    11. Quiz Time

    12. Week 3 -Power Yoga Week

    13. Monday-Strength & Self-Confidence

    14. Wednesday-Lower Body & Core Strength (Get Introduced to Sun Salutation)

    15. Quiz Time

    16. Friday- Energize yourself & Feel Awesome with Yoga

    17. Week 4 -Flexibility, Focus & Mindfulness

    18. Monday Warriors-I am Strong, I am Calm & I am balanced

    19. Quiz Time

    20. Wednesday- Mindfulness & Movement- Mind full or Mindful

    21. Friday-Hocus Pocus-Flexibility & Focus

    22. Quiz Time

    23. Bonus Content - Memorize 12 Yoga Poses of Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

    1. Week 1 - Learn a Yoga routine for daily practice

    2. Week 1-Monday- Fun Yoga Routine to Energize & Relax

    3. Wednesday- Yes, I will do this Everyday !!!

    4. Yoga Game

    5. Friday-Pause, Breathe & Practice Gratitude

    6. Week 2 - Energizing & Relaxing

    7. Monday- Stretch,Breathe & Relax

    8. Wednesday-Get Active-Get Moving-Boost your Energy levels !!!

    9. Friday-Refreshing & Relaxing

    10. Week 3 -Restorative Yoga -Reset & Energize

    11. Monday-Calm Down Yoga

    12. Wednesday- Stretch, Breathe & Smile

    13. Friday -Strength & Energize

    14. Week 4-Power Week- Strength, Mobility & Stillness

    15. Monday -Yoga For Lower Body- Strength, Stillness & Balance

    16. Quiz Time

    17. Wednesday- Power Yoga for Kids

    18. Quiz Time

    19. Friday- Mobility & Meditation

    20. Quiz Time

    21. Bonus Content- Positive Affirmation Meditation for Self-Confidence

    1. Week 1 - Power Yoga (Sun Salutation Challenge)

    2. Monday-Sun Salutation- 3 Rounds

    3. Wednesday-Sun Salutation- 5 Rounds

    4. Friday -Sun Salutation- 7 Rounds

    5. Week 2 - Strength (Core, Lower back & Overall Strength)

    6. Monday- Core Strength

    7. Wednesday- Lower Back Strength

    8. Friday-Lower Body Strength

    9. Quiz Time

    10. Week 3- Flexibility - Hips, Hamstrings & Full Body

    11. Monday-Hip Flexibility

    12. Wednesday- Hamstring Flexibility

    13. Friday-Full Body Flexibility

    14. Quiz Time

    15. Week 4- Resilience, Strength & Endurance

    16. Monday-Yoga for Resilience

    17. Quiz Time

    18. Wednesday- Strengthen your Legs & Improve your Body Endurance

    19. Quiz Time

    20. Friday - Cultivate Strength & Stamina

    21. Quiz Time

    22. Bonus Content - 3 Minute Meditation-Pop Your Thoughts away & Focus

    1. Week 1-All about Focus, Balance & Getting Taller

    2. Monday- Find Your Balance & Improve Height

    3. Wednesday -Hocus Pocus-Let us all Focus

    4. Quiz Time

    5. Friday-Stretch Tall, Breathe Deeper, & Smile Wide.

    6. Week 2 - Mobility, Meditation & Deep Stretch

    7. Monday- Mobility, Meditation & Visualization

    8. Wednesday- Relaxing Yoga- Feel Good & Calmer

    9. Friday- Deep Stretch-Deeper Connection

    10. Quiz Time

    11. Week 3-Power Week- Build Strength, Burn off Energy & Have Fun

    12. Monday-Strength & Self-Confidence

    13. Wednesday-Core & Total Body Strength

    14. Quiz Time

    15. Friday- Energize yourself & Feel Awesome with Yoga

    16. Week 4 - Manage Stress & Anxiety- Breathing, Yoga Poses & Positive Affirmation

    17. Monday-Yoga & Breathing for Kids with Positive Affirmation

    18. Wednesday-10 Minute Bed Time Yoga for Kids

    19. Friday-Seated Relaxing Yoga poses

    20. Bonus Content - Trataka (Eye Exercises)

    1. Week 1-Special Yoga Week

    2. Monday -Kids Yoga for Digestion & Immunity

    3. Wednesday- Core Strength

    4. Friday-Hamstring Flexibility

    5. Week 2-Total Body Fitness

    6. Monday-Strengthen your Legs & Improve your Body Endurance

    7. Wednesday- Fit like an Athlete- Improve your Strength-Flexibility & Mobility

    8. Friday-Yoga for Resilience

    9. Quiz Time

    10. Week 3- Lower Back, Hips & Hamstrings

    11. Monday-Hip Flexibility

    12. Wednesday- Hamstring Flexibility

    13. Friday- Lower Back flexibility

    14. Week 4 - Energizing & Relaxing

    15. Monday- 5 Rounds of Sun Salutation

    16. Wednesday-Get Active-Get Moving-Boost your Energy levels !!!

    17. Friday-Refreshing & Relaxing

    18. Bonus Content - Five Finger Breathing

About these online yoga classes

  • $1.00 first payment, $20.00 / month onwards
  • 127 lessons
  • 18.5 hours of video content

Who are these kids online yoga classes best for?

Our monthly online kids yoga program is designed specifically for children aged 6-12 years old. It is an excellent program for introducing kids to yoga and helping them build a strong foundation while progressively improving their overall well-being. With engaging and customized yoga videos, this program is ideal for establishing a regular yoga routine for children.

In today's busy schedule, it may not always be possible for children to attend all classes in person. That's why our program offers a self-paced approach, allowing kids to participate at their own speed and convenience.

These classes are suitable for children who seek a holistic activity that promotes physical fitness, emotional well-being, and mental focus. Whether your child wants to enhance flexibility, build strength, manage stress, improve concentration, or simply enjoy a fun and interactive exercise, our classes cater to their specific needs.

Furthermore, our program is designed to accommodate children of different skill levels, making it accessible for both beginners and those with prior yoga experience. We strive to create an inclusive environment where every child can benefit from the practice.

Overall, these online kids yoga classes provide a valuable opportunity for children to develop essential life skills and cultivate a positive relationship with their bodies and minds. It offers a comprehensive approach to wellness that promotes physical health, emotional resilience, and mental clarity.

Meet Parul, your child's yoga instructor

Certified Kids Yoga Instructor Parul Chaturvedi

I am a passionate yoga instructor specializing in teaching yoga to children. With over 8 years of experience and diverse certifications in Children’s and Teen Yoga, Special Needs Yoga, Hatha and Yin Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Therapies, Prenatal, Mindfulness, and Sound healing,

my approach is holistic towards teaching yoga to children & families.

My teaching approach combines my deep understanding of child development with creativity, ensuring engaging sessions for different age groups. I incorporate play, storytelling, and music for young kids and incorporate art, journaling, and self-expression exercises for older children. I create a dynamic and inclusive space where children can explore yoga in ways that resonate with their interests and development.

My commitment to adapting yoga to individual needs, prioritizing safety and well-being, and my continuous professional development make me an exceptional guide for children on their yoga journey. Additionally, I offer a Yoga Alliance approved Kids Yoga Teacher Training program to certify others in teaching yoga to children, aiming to improve the well-being of kids and teens worldwide.

Learn more about me here

Introduce your children to the magical world of yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

  • How long is each yoga class, on average?

    In our online monthly kids yoga program, children will have a structured schedule with classes scheduled for three days each week. These classes are designed to be flexible, allowing children to complete them at their own pace and convenience.

    Each yoga class has a duration of 15-20 minutes, making it easy for children to fit them into their busy schedules. Additionally, as a bonus, we provide short additional yoga activities of 3-5 minutes every month, which serve as a delightful addition to their yoga practice, offering variety and further enhancing their overall experience.

  • Do I need to be with my child while they take a yoga class online?

    While it is not necessary for you to be present with your child during their online yoga classes, you are more than welcome to join them and participate if you wish to do so.

    Our program is designed to be child-friendly and accessible, allowing children to follow the classes independently. This gives parents the flexibility to engage in their own activities or take some well-deserved time for themselves while their child enjoys the yoga practice.

    However, if you prefer to spend quality time with your child and bond over yoga, you are encouraged to join them during the classes. It can be a wonderful opportunity for shared experiences and creating cherished memories together.

  • What is the right age to start yoga for kids?

    The right age to start yoga classes for kids is when they can follow basic instructions, which is typically around 3 years old. However, for this specific yoga program, we have designed it to cater to children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old.

    The content, duration, and activities are tailored to meet the developmental needs of children within this age group, providing them with an engaging and enriching yoga experience to support their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.