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Discover our online yoga classes for kids with new videos every week to improve your child's physical, emotional & mental well-being.

A program made of holistic yoga routines, yoga games and activities that your child can do on their own, from the comfort of your home!

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We also offer yoga & mindfulness programs for schools with a range of practical activities for teachers, school-based professionals and child educators, reducing stress while improving focus and concentration in their classrooms.
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What our past students say about our kids yoga programs

A great experience

Anne Laure

"I just finished my 95 hrs Kids Yoga Teachers Training with Parul Chaturvedi over 10 days. It was a great experience, it was very well organised: the structure of the class was very balanced between theory and practice, use of props, guests, music,... Today, I feel very well equipped with tools to go and teach yoga for kids, from 4 to 18 yrs old. I am very grateful to Parul!"

A no-brainer!

Lakshmi Ramachandran

"Having had Yoga classes with Parul, it was a no-brainer 'Yes' when Parul opened up kids' yoga classes. I was happy to let my kids try it out. First, it was my older boy, now 9 years and he loved it. My 5-year-old followed suit on his own interest. It has been over a year now and they are still on the Kid's Yoga by Parul. Each of Parul's Kids Yoga session is unique and innovative. That keeps the kids interested and at the same time instils new wisdom."

Indeed blissful!

Selina Wirz

"Parul's Yoga sessions are indeed blissful and always the best mixture in challenge and relaxation. At the end of each session there is only peace left in mind & body. Would definitely recommend it, beginner or advanced level, Parul will be the best fit."

Kids are happy doing yoga with Parul!

Ramya Bhaskar

"Happy to share my feedback on Paruls yoga class. My daughter takes her classes and we are very happy with the progress. Her communication style reaches the kids very well and they are happy doing yoga with her. Her meditation techniques are unique and catered to young kids. It’s great to see kids practising yoga at a young age. Thanks Parul :-)"

Hi, I am Parul, your lead yoga instructor

Certified Kids Yoga Instructor Parul Chaturvedi

I am a passionate yoga instructor specializing in teaching yoga to children. With over 8 years of experience and diverse certifications in Children’s and Teen Yoga, Special Needs Yoga, Hatha and Yin Yoga, Yoga Anatomy, Yoga Therapies, Prenatal, Mindfulness, and Sound healing,

my approach is holistic towards teaching yoga to children & families.

My teaching approach combines my deep understanding of child development with creativity, ensuring engaging sessions for different age groups. I incorporate play, storytelling, and music for young kids and incorporate art, journaling, and self-expression exercises for older children. I create a dynamic and inclusive space where children can explore yoga in ways that resonate with their interests and development.

My commitment to adapting yoga to individual needs, prioritizing safety and well-being, and my continuous professional development make me an exceptional guide for children on their yoga journey. Additionally, I offer a Yoga Alliance approved Kids Yoga Teacher Training program to certify others in teaching yoga to children, aiming to improve the well-being of kids and teens worldwide.

Learn more about me here

Our Mission

  • Empowering Teachers, Parents, and Schools in Children's Yoga

    Fostering empowerment is a key pillar of our yoga programs. Through our certified children yoga teacher training and workshops, we empower teachers, parents, and educators with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively integrate yoga into children's lives. We focus on building confidence, promoting personal growth, and nurturing a sense of self-efficacy in implementing and sharing yoga practices with children.

  • Making the Benefits of Yoga Reach Every Child

    Ensuring accessibility is a fundamental pillar of our yoga program too. This involves making yoga accessible to all, regardless of location, background, or resources. It may include offering online classes, providing comprehensive teaching materials, and promoting inclusivity and diversity in the yoga community. The pillar of accessibility focuses on removing barriers and making yoga available to as many children, teachers, parents, and schools as possible.

  • Igniting Creativity and Joy in Children's Yoga

    Creating engaging and interactive yoga experiences for children is another important pillar. This involves designing dynamic and age-appropriate yoga programs that capture children's interest, inspire active participation, and cultivate a love for yoga. It emphasizes the use of storytelling, games, music, and other creative approaches to make yoga fun and enjoyable.

You are in good hands 😄

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