Hi! This is Parul! I will be your yoga instructor for this course.

  •  I am a certified Yoga instructor for adults & Kids both + Sound Healer & therapist 
  • I have been teaching yoga for the last 7 years 
  • I love to make yoga fun and enjoyable for everyone.

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Join BlissYogaSG 95 hour Yoga Alliance certified Kids Yoga TTC. Learn Fun, Creative & Educational ways of teaching kids yoga. Great Blend of both modern & traditional approaches. For inquiries, email me at [email protected].


Enjoy Free Kids Yoga Resources

    1. About Parul Chaturvedi

    2. Why Yoga for Kids ?

    3. How to Explain Yoga to Kids ?

    1. 5 Calming Breathing Techniques for Kids

    2. Teaching Kids Breathing Basics

    3. Belly Breathing for Kids-Teach your kids to breathe Right

    4. Flower Breathing for a 3 Year Old

    5. Kids Yoga Breathing-Heart Breathing

    6. Mindful Breathing

    7. Breathing Game for Kids -Straw & Pom-Pom Balls

    1. Kids Yoga Game-Yoga Magician

    2. Fun Mindfulness Activity for Kids -Improve Focus & Concentration

    3. Fun & Engaging Mindfulness for Kids

    4. Kids Yoga Game- Yoga Twister

    5. Kids Yoga Twister Game-Details

    6. Toega-Yoga for Toes

    1. Meditation & Mindfulness Technique for Kids-Singing Bowl

    2. 2 Minute Gratitude Meditation for Kids - Guided Mindfulness practice

    3. 5 Senses Mindfulness for Kids- Stay Calm & Present

    4. I am Enough-Meditation & Affirmations for Kids

    5. 3 Minute Meditation for Positive Thinking I Yoga for Kids

    6. BlissYogaSG Secret Garden Creative Visulization

    7. Metta Meditation for Kids-Loving & Kindness

    8. Affirmation Meditation for Kids Yoga

    9. Meditation & Mindfulness for Kids- 3 Techniques for Kids to help them Meditate

    1. Christmas Theme Yoga-Lesson Plan

    2. Kids Yoga Lesson Plan-Being Resilient

    3. Nature Theme Lesson Plan

    4. Halloween Theme Lesson Plan

    5. Sun Salutation for Kids

    6. Mother's Day-Kids Yoga Lesson Plan

    1. Online Kids Yoga Tips

    2. Kids Yoga Tips & Recommendation-Best Practices

    3. Top Tips for Positive Behaviour Management in Kids Yoga Classes

About this course

  • Free
  • 45 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Who should take this course :

  • Are you already kids yoga teacher & need inspiration for your classes

  • Do you aspire to be a Kids Yoga Teacher?

  • Do you work with kids in schools & need ideas for working with Kids

  • Are you a parent who want to introduce yoga to your kids

Do you want to be a Kids Yoga teacher & learn new skills!!

✔️ Join me in Yoga Alliance certified 95 hours kids yoga teachers training and make a difference to future generations!!

  1. A great blend of both traditional and modern approaches
  2.  Help children keep Happy & Healthy with Fun, informative & Interactive practice
  3. Amazing techniques for kids that really work!!

Great Training course for Yoga Teachers, Parents, Teachers who work with children.

Email [email protected] for more details.

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